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    vampire weekend in one sentence 

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    Please don’t take my John away

    Tissues to your left ladies and gentlemen, tissues to your left…

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    Harry Potter + fire part II

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  4. do you enjoy spicy yes? do you think that the videos on youtube are not long enough? then watch this!!!!!


  5. umiushis asked: ❤

    i honestly have no idea i have no tumblr crushes … im boring anyone who you’ve shown me their selfie and i’ve been like they’re attractive and if they have the same interests as me great

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    everybody needs a giggling andrew scott on their dash. 

    and he pulls this face because he’s being told that he’s handsome

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  10. Emma Stone for Vogue (May 2014)

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  11. Kiki & Tombo

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  13. Munday


    ❤ - Tumblr user I would date
    ❣ - An unpopular opinion I have
    ⋆ - My personal blog url
    ❧ - Other websites I’m on
    ✗ - Skype
    ☒ - My nickname
    ☑ - My real name’
    ♞ - My age
    ✾ - TV series I love
    ◎ - Relationship status
    ❂ - Post a picture of myself
    ☄ - My opinion of you

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  14. Does truth have a moral?

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  15. for you

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